Tributes to Demography and Linda Gage

At the meeting held April 10, 2013, the PAA Board of Directors passed the following resolutions recognizing the contributions of Stewart Tolnay, 2011-2013 Editor of the journal Demography, and Linda Gage, Chair of the Committee on Population Statistics.

The PAA Board of Directors congratulates Stew Tolnay and the entire editorial staff and board of Demography for their outstanding work in editing the journal over the past three years, with special gratitude to Laura Tesch for reducing the time between acceptance and publication by more than one half.

The PAA Board of Directors thanks Linda Gage for her enduring commitment to the PAA and its Committee on Population Statistics. We especially thank her for extending her role as chair so that the Committee could continue to function effectively during the first nine months of 2013.

 Christine A. Bachrach, PAA President