NCHS Accepting Public Comments on NHIS questionnaire redesign until December 31

NCHS  is taking comments on the planning for the 2018 NHIS Questionnaire redesign until Dec. 31, 2015. Please send any comments

All comments and suggestions on the redesign are welcomed, and NCHS is especially interested in the following:

  • The uses or types of products for which you seek out NHIS data;
  • The consequences of not having the NHIS as a source of data on your topics of interest;
  • Current content in your area of interest that is no longer relevant or has limited utility;
  • The minimum periodicity you recommend for your topics of interest (e.g., annually, every other year, every five years, twice in the decade);
  • The minimum number of consecutive years of data collection you recommend for your topics of interest. For example, are multiple years (and if yes, how many), required to achieve reliable estimates for rare events or trends?
  • The minimum essential content that you expect NHIS to collect annually to provide covariates for analyses regarding your topics of interest (e.g., selected demographics); and
  • Other ideas to reduce respondent burden and streamline the questionnaire.

Additionally, NCHS is forming working groups for the redesign, based on subject area. If you would like to share your subject matter expertise in this capacity, please send your information to