Videos of the 2008 PAA Annual Meeting

The following videos were taken during the 2008 Population Association of America Aunnual Meeting in New Orleans. The session is “PAA: How did we get here, and where are we going?” arranged by the History Committee of Population Association of America, chaired by Professor John R. Weeks. Click here  to watch his brief introduction to the session, and click here to download the file of his introduction of the speakers.

The Panelists


Richard Easterlin, PAA President,  1978
PAA in the 1970s

Paul Demeny, PAA President, 1986
PAA in the 1980s

Linda Waite, PAA President, 1995
PAA in the 1990s
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Barbara Entwisle,  PAA President, 2007
PAA in the 2000s
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