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Committee on Applied Demography

This page is designed for applied demographers, or those interested in applied demography, to explore news and information on the sub field of demography. The CAD is represented by applied demographers — both from academic disciplines and professional backgrounds, employed primarily by government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations — that represent the interests of applied demographers to the Population Association of America Board of Directors. This site captures historical and present day information about the CAD. Details of past meeting activities, from our annual business meeting to the breakfast meeting, are listed. You’ll also find links to previous editions of the Applied Demography Newsletter, which is a popular product of the CAD. If you want up-to-date information on applied demography happenings you can join the List Server. And, if you’re interested in more information on applied demography, there are reference links to applied demography courses and websites.

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Committee on Population Statistics

The Committee on Population Statistics (COPS) is a prestigious group of PAA members, appointed by the PAA President, who meet twice a year to discuss technical issues and activities important to Federal statistical agencies and to advise the PAA leadership on these issues. The members of COPS include demographers, statisticians, economists, and public health officials with specific expertise in statistical data derivation and dissemination.

History Committee

Dismayed by the lack of usable historical information about PAA, Andre Lunde, who spent most of his professional career at the National Center for Health Statistics in Washington, D.C. (now part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control), founded the History Committee in 1973.

International Outreach Committee

The International Outreach Committee (IOC), established in the late 1980s, seeks to increase the contact between PAA members and demographers in developing countries. Over the years the primary mechanism for achieving this goal has been the Travel Awards program that supports attendance at the PAA meeting.

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