About the International Outreach Committee

The International Outreach Committee (IOC), established in the late 1980s, seeks to increase the contact between PAA members and demographers in developing countries. Over the years the primary mechanism for achieving this goal has been the Travel Awards program that supports attendance at the PAA meeting. Through presence at the annual meeting, developing country scholars obtain direct exposure to the most recent scientific findings and methodological developments in demography, and have the opportunity to contribute to and substantially enrich the meeting. Over the tenure of the program, upwards of 400 developing country scholars have participated in the annual meeting of the PAA with travel award support. In 2007, the IOC enlarged its program of activities to include partnerships with population associations in developing countries. Many of these associations — both national and regional — were formed in the late 1990s or early 2000s; and, the IOC believes working partnerships between the PAA and these associations will benefit all parties.

Travel Awards

The Travel Awards program receives funding from the Hewlett Foundation and the PAA Development Fund.  In 2010, the IOC was able to provide travel awards for nearly 70 developing country scholars to attend the annual meeting in Dallas. Prior to 2009, less than 30 Travel Awards were provided each year. In 2010 the awardees who attended PAA included 25 scholars from sub-Saharan Africa, 14 scholars from the Caribbean/Latin America, 2 scholars from Central, Eastern and Western Europe, 2 scholars Middle East/North Africa, 16 scholars from South Asia, and 7 scholars from East/Southeast Asia (see PAA Travel Awardees).

The two tables below summarize travel support provided by the PAA to developing country scholars during in the period from 2005 – 2010.  (These tables combine together awards under the regular Travel Awards program and awards to participants in sessions on the program organized by regional associations.)

Partnerships with Other Population Associations

Beginning in 2007, the IOC expanded its activities to include collaboration with regional associations in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. At present these collaborations take two forms—jointly organized sessions at the PAA annual meeting, and assistance or jointly organized sessions at conferences of the regional associations. In 2008, the IOC supported its first PAA/SOMEDE (Mexican Population Association) co-organized session at the annual meeting held in New Orleans, and in 2009 the Latin American association (ALAP) organized a session in Detroit. The program for the 2010 meeting in Dallas included sessions jointly organized with APA (Asian association), UAPS (African association), and SOMEDE (the Mexican association). Sessions co-organized with ALAP and, again SOMEDE are planned for the 2011 PAA in Washington, DC. The current arrangement is joint sessions with regional associations every two years and joint sessions with SOMEDE every year.

The IOC has also worked with regional associations to have a PAA presence at their conferences. In December 2007, the IOC/PAA provided the Union of African Population Studies (UAPS) with support for the 5th African Population Conference in Arusha, Tanzania. The IOC facilitated the use of the Pampa software for organizing the conference submission process (in English and French) and finalizing the program. The IOC also provided travel awards for nine PAA members to attend the Arusha conference (see 2007 UAPS/PAA Travel Awardees).[EJS1]   The PAA will participate in the November 2010 ALAP conference in Havana, via a session on the conference program (organized by Alberto Palloni) and a one-day workshop on the American Community Survey that will precede the conference (organized by Emilio Parrado and Irma Elo).

The IOC plans to continue the support of developing country scholars’ PAA attendance and the building of international partnerships in the years to come. The IOC welcomes communication with officers of regional associations in order to explore mutually-beneficial opportunities. More generally, the IOC is working with the PAA Development Committee to expand the activities of the IOC and the number of developing country scholars it is able to reach.

Committee Members

Desai Sonalde, Chair
University of Maryland

Feinian Chen
University of Maryland

Parfait M. Eloundou-Enyegue
Cornell University

Anastasia J. Gage
Tulane University SPHTM/GCHB

Dana A. Glei
Georgetown University

Emilio Parrado
University of Pennsylvania


The International Outreach Committee consists of six members appointed by the President for four-year terms. Terms end after the Annual Meeting. During the transition year, the Chair and Chair-designate will both serve on the committee. Ideally, the Chair would be picked from the existing committee members, first serving one year as Chair-designate. Members may be reappointed for a second term only.

Recent Travel Award Grantees