Officers, Board & Past Presidents

2017 Officers

 Amy Tsui


Amy Tsui
Senior Scholar, Gates Institute and Professor
Johns Hopkins University
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Wendy Manning
Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Bowling Green State University
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 Vice President

Robert Hummer
Howard Odum Professor
UNC Chapel Hill
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Vice President-Elect

John Iceland
Professor Sociology and Demography
Pennsylvania State University
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Liana Sayer
Professor and Graduate Director, Department of Sociology
University of Maryland
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Past President

Judith A. Seltzer
Professor of Sociology and Director, California Center for Population Research
University of California-Los Angeles
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All offices have a term of one calendar year except that of Secretary-Treasurer, who serves a term as determined by the Board of Directors.  Historically, the secretary-treasurer serves a three-year term, beginning and ending mid-year. The President also serves three years on the Board: one year as President-elect, one year as President, and one year as Past President.

Lisa Berkman (2018)
Harvard University

Jason Boardman (2017)
University of Colorado at Boulder

Sarah Burgard (2017)
University of Michigan

Kate Cagney (2018)
University of Chicago

Rebecca Clark (2017)
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development

Jason Fields (2018)
U.S. Census Bureau

Jeff Morenoff (2019)
University of Michigan

Jenna Nobles (2019)
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Krista Perreira (2019)
University of North Carolina

Zhenchao Qian (2019)
Brown University

Michael Rendall (2017)
University of Maryland

Leah Van Wey (2018)
Brown University

Directors serve for three years, beginning January 1 of the year following the election. There are 12 Directors, with four assuming office each year. The Board, which includes the Directors and Officers, meets twice a year, in the Spring (Wednesday before the Annual Meeting in the convention hotel), and Fall (late October or early November in Washington, DC). The PAA Executive Director is asked to attend. The date for the Fall meeting is usually set at the Spring meeting.

Past Members of the Board of Directors 1991 – Present

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Past Officers 1991 – Present

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Past Presidents – 1931-2015