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LA Immigration Court Exposes the ‘Legal Hell’ of the U.S. Deportation System
CityWatch, July 10, 2017
Immigration court in Los Angeles is in an undistinguished, rectangular office building in the center of downtown. Every weekday, immigrants make their way there to plead before one of the judges for a chance to remain in the United States. Read More

Here’s the Reality About Illegal Immigrants in the United States
The New York Times, March 6, 2017
There are 11 million of them, the best estimates say, laboring in American fields, atop half-built towers and in restaurant kitchens, and swelling American classrooms, detention centers and immigration courts.  Read more

Entitled to their own opinions but not to the facts themselves
(This article is in Spanish, so you will need to the translate button.)
Ellibero, August 20, 2016

Untouchability still thrives: Study
The Telegraph (Calcutta, India), July 22, 2016

Population studies pioneer J. Mayone Stycos dies at 89
Cornell Chronicle, July 6, 2016

Latino children (400K) not counted
La Voz, May 26, 2016

The changing face of the American family: A conversation with JHU sociologist Andrew Cherlin
The Hub, April 26, 2016

From multiracial children to gender identity, what some demographers are studying now
Pew Research Center, April 8, 2016

Penn State professor wins Clifford C. Clogg Award
Penn State News, April 6, 2016


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