Government Affairs

The Association of Population Centers (APC) and PAA work together to educate policymakers about population research outcomes and the federal agencies that support population, or demographic, research. These objectives are achieved through the work of the APC/PAA Government and Public Affairs Committee (GPAC). Through the director and deputy director of Government and Public Affairs, GPAC accomplishes this mission by:

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Committee Members

Wendy Baldwin, Chair

Christine A. Bachrach
Duke University and University of Maryland

Irma T. Elo
University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Foster
Brown University

Vicki Freedman
University of Michigan

Vida Maralini
Cornell University

Robert A. Moffitt
John Hopkins University

Bill O’Hare
Cape Charles, VA

Steven Ruggles
University of Minnesota,

Jarron M. Saint Onge
University of Kansas

Judith Seltzer
University of California, Los Angeles,

Amy Tsui
Johns Hopkins University

Mary Jo Hoeksema
Director, Government and Public Affairs (GPAC)

Suzanne Stokes Vieth
Deputy Director, Government and Public Affairs

PAA/APC Office
1430 K Street, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC  20005

 Photo courtesy of “Architect of the Capitol”