PAA Briefing on Capitol Hill: Immigration and the Foreign-Born Workforce in the United States

February 1, 2013  

Immigration reform is expected to top the legislative agenda of the 113th Congress. How this complicated, multifaceted issue will be addressed is uncertain. Policymakers disagree on a wide variety of immigration policies from boarder enforcement to legalization to pathways to citizenship. One significant debate involves authorized (largely high-skilled) and unauthorized (largely low-skilled) foreign-born workers.

In the briefing on February 1, PAA experts provided the demographic backdrop for these policy discussions.

Our expert speakers described the changes in the size, origins and distribution of the foreign-born population between 1960 and 2010.They also shared what we know about the high-skilled and low-skilled foreign-born population in the United States.

Dr. Elizabeth M. Grieco, Chief, Foreign-Born Population Branch, U.S. Census Bureau – The Size, Place of Birth, and Geographic Distribution of the Foreign-Born Population in the United States: 1960 to 2010

Dr. B. Lindsay Lowell, Director of Policy Studies, Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown UniversityImmigration and the Highly Skilled Foreign-Born Workforce in the United States

Dr. Pia M. Orrenius, Assistant Vice President and Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – Low-Skilled Immigration and the U.S. Workforce

Webcast of the event