2 tenured researcher positions – General profile and specific profile for Population and Societies in Africa

INED Published: December 13, 2017
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INED will recruit two tenured researchers in 2018. One of the two positions will give priority to researchers working on topics relating to Population and Societies in Africa.
- General profile
- Specific profile for Population and Societies in Africa

The French Institute for Demographic Studies is a public research institute. Its missions include conducting cutting-edge research in all fields relating to demography and population studies, training junior researchers, and informing the general public of its research activities. With eleven research units, INED encourages exchanges between disciplines and conducts a world-class research programme.

Position: Research scientist
Qualification required: PhD
Location: INED, Paris 20th arrondissement
No age, gender or nationality requisites
Competition opening date: 18 December 2018
Deadline for applications: 18 January 2018
More information available at:

General profile
INED’s research priorities for the years ahead include four research areas: updating the analysis of demographic phenomena; understanding individuals’ life courses; examining the interactions between actors and public policies; and developing research on population mobility. These can cover various geographical areas: France, Europe (high-income countries in general), global South.

Description of position
The successful applicant will receive tenured status after a probationary year. They will undertake their research and scientific production within one or more research units. They will contribute to research-led training for students and postdocs. They will contribute to INED’s communication activities, both with the research community and the general public.

The applicant will have a PhD in a discipline relevant for population studies (demography, sociology, economics, history, geography, anthropology, epidemiology, medicine, statistics, etc.) and expertise in quantitative techniques as applied to the social sciences.

Desired experience
A range of experiences (having an experience of working within different research units or institutes, teaching, experience abroad, survey work, organizing research events, etc.) and openness to multidisciplinary work will be appreciated.

Specific profile for Population and Societies in Africa
INED conducts research into the demographic dynamics in Africa, a continent undergoing unprecedented transitions, such as the dramatic decline in life expectancy in southern Africa in the 1990s as a result of the AIDS epidemic, and the rapid, but fragile, reduction in fertility in North Africa, compared to continuing high fertility in various countries in West and Central Africa. At present, population growth in Africa is the highest in the world and its poverty rate remains elevated. Many sustainable development goals are far from being met, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. There is considerable international demand for better understanding of the obstacles to lower fertility in certain countries.
INED’s contribution is crucial to our ability to describe and explain these developments and examine their economic, social and policy impacts within a multidisciplinary approach. INED researchers are involved both in the production of data—local and longitudinal—and in the analysis of national surveys and international databases for larger-scale comparisons.

Description of position
The successful applicant will conduct research to contribute to our understanding of demographic dynamics in Africa (fertility, marriage patterns, mortality, migration), in relation to its underlying drivers: relations between genders and generations, family structures, economic development, school enrolment, urbanization, environment, etc. The data used may be both at local and national level.
The researcher will join the UR15 “Demography of global South populations”. They may also join another research unit according their research interests.

The successful applicant will have a thesis in demography or in another population science (sociology, economics, geography, statistics, etc.) using a quantitative approach.

Desired experience
Sound knowledge of the region studied.
Field experience with data collection would be an asset.


Applicants may contact the following INED researchers for advice on how to prepare their application:
Fertility, family, sexuality [UR03]: Marie Bergström marie.bergstrom@ined.fr
Demography, gender and societies [UR04]: Wilfried Rault wilfried.rault@ined.fr
Mortality, health, epidemiology [UR05]: Aline Desesquelles alined@ined.fr or Sophie Le Coeur lecoeur@ined.fr
Mobility, housing and social networks [UR06]: Loïc Trabut loic.trabut@ined.fr
International migration and minorities [UR08]: Cris Beauchemin cris.beauchemin@ined.fr
Economic demography [UR09]: Benoît Rapoport benoit.rapoport@ined.fr
History and population [UR11]: Lionel Kesztenbaum lionel.kesztenbaum@ined.fr
Identities and territories [UR12]: France Guérin guerin@ined.fr
Sexual and reproductive health [UR14]: Élise de la Rochebrochard roche@ined.fr
Demography of global South populations [UR15]: Géraldine Duthé geraldine.duthe@ined.fr

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