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Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Gothenburg Published: September 8, 2017
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We seek two research project assistants for a two-year period to support us in studies of global and national overpopulation. The project is financed by the Global Challenges Foundation (Stockholm) and based on collaboration between researchers in Sweden and the US, including experienced mentors. Population growth and overpopulation contribute to a host of environmental and social problems, such as excessive consumption, increasing greenhouse emissions, increasing freshwater withdrawals from rivers, increasing food consumption with destruction of forests and other natural habitats for agricultural expansion, decline and extinction of species, air and water pollution, unwanted pregnancies, poverty, crowded urban areas, forced migration, and ethnic conflict. In recent decades, the scientific and environmental communities have neglected population matters despite their importance and despite an expected 50% growth in the human population to 2100.

The aims of the research are to identify conditions and factors that determine demographic and environmental trends, and to identify and advocate policies to end global and national population growth, in order to further ecological sustainability. Our work includes e.g. comparative studies in international family planning, national policies on immigration, environmental degradation due to overpopulation, and the ethics of immigration and population policies.

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