New Confex Log-in Procedures

You may have noticed that you can no longer log into the Confex system using the email and password combination that you used previously. The system has been updated to be in sync with PAA’s database, thus allowing users to have a single sign-in using their PAA credentials. If you’ve ever attended a previous PAA meeting, are a PAA member, or made a donation or purchase from PAA, then you will already have a PAA account.

To access Confex, please use your PAA sign-in credentials. If you have forgotten your password, you can go here to reset it. If you do not have a PAA account, you can go here to get one. Please wait a minute or two before logging into Confex once you’ve created your account or you may get an error message.

Please make sure that your information (affiliation, etc.) in the PAA database is what you want to appear in the program as this is from where the final information will be pulled.