New IPUMS and MPC Microdata Workshop


New IPUMS and MPC Microdata
Hands-on workshop using U.S. and global census and survey data
Wednesday, April 29th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

This workshop will provide an overview of the IPUMS and MPC (Minnesota Population Center) microdata projects, with a focus on the newly available census and survey data. All MPC data are harmonized for consistency across time, fully documented, and easily accessible online for the research community. Data and documentation for all of the projects can be found at

The morning session will cover IPUMS-CPS (Current Population Survey), the ATUS-X (American Time Use Survey) and the Integrated Health Interview Series (IHIS). The IPUMS-CPS data project was recently expanded and now includes the March Annual Social and Economic Supplement data from 1962 to 2014 and CPS Basic Monthly Samples from 1989 to 2013. In addition to the Basic Monthly data, 13 supplements, including the food security, veterans, fertility, tobacco use, and voter surveys, are currently available. The ATUS-X contains annual time diary data from 2003-2013 and includes newly available health and well-being data. IHIS includes harmonized data for the U.S. National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), and recently added injury-level data to the database.

The afternoon session will focus on international data available from IPUMS-International and the IDHS (Integrated Demographic & Health Series). IPUMS-International provides large samples of census microdata from 79 countries, from the 1960s through the latest census rounds. These records report on demographics, education, household structure, labor force participation, dwelling characteristics, and other topics. IDHS offers data on African and Indian women of childbearing age and children under 5, with information on health topics ranging from contraceptive use and prenatal care to HIV and intimate partner violence.

The hands-on sessions will introduce participants to the power and ease-of-use of the MPC data projects. Participants will do a series of exercises showcasing the interactive metadata, customized microdata extract system, and online tabulator. MPC project managers will be available to assist attendees and provide one-on-one consultation.

Participants should bring a laptop and are welcome to attend all or only part of the workshop.
The schedule is as follows:

Introduction to IPUMS and MPC data projects

Overview of New and Existing data from IPUMS-CPS, ATUS-X, and IHIS

Hands-on U.S. microdata workshop

Lunch Break

Introduction to IPUMS and MPC data projects

Overview of New and Existing data from IPUMS-International and IDHS

Hands-on International microdata workshop