Highlights of the 2014 Annual Meeting

In addition to over 200 regular paper sessions and nine poster sessions, PAA 2014 will feature 15 invited sessions and a variety of traditional and not-so-traditional special events. Here is the list of the invited sessions (additional details will be posted):

Communicating Social Science Research Through the Media

Demographic and Statistical Approaches to Small Area Estimation

The Demography of Health Reform in the United States

Early Childhood Education

From ICPD to Post-2015: Priorities for a New Global Development Agenda

Geographic Diversity of Family Life from a Longitudinal Perspective: Introduction to Three Major Panel Surveys in Germany and Europe

Improving the Reliability of Small Area Estimates from the American Community Survey

Innovations in the 2020 Census

Measuring Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Same-Sex Couple Households in Population-Based Surveys

Mexico, At a Demographic Crossroads?

NRC Report on Proposed Revisions to Federal Regulations for Protecting Participants in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Return Migration from the United States to Latin America

The Census Bureau Subnational Projections Toolkit

The Future of Data Collection for Population Research

Training the Next Generation of Population Researchers