Dorothy S. Thomas Award


Pre or postdoctoral students are invited to submit papers for the 2013 Dorothy S. Thomas Award competition. The Award has been established by the Population Association of America (PAA) in honor of Dorothy S. Thomas and is presented annually for the best graduate student paper on the interrelationships among social, economic and demographic variables. The Award consists of a cash prize and a certificate, to be presented at the PAA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 11-13, 2013.

Eligibility: The research must be undertaken while the author is a pre-doctoral student in an accredited graduate program. The paper must have both theoretical and empirical aspects. Two or more students may share the award for a collaborative study, but a paper jointly authored by a student and a member of the faculty is not eligible. An individual is eligible for one year following completion of the study. Published papers are acceptable. Recipients of the Ph.D. prior to December 1, 2011 and previous winners of the award are not eligible.

Length: The paper should be journal length; 12,000 words (including main text, references, end/footnotes, and appendix text) and 10 tables and graphs (combined, including appendices). Papers that exceed this limit will not be considered.

Submission Procedures: The deadline for receipt of submission is December 31, 2012. Students should email the paper and a letter from their research advisor confirming eligibility to the Chair: Zhenchao Qian (Ohio State University), Other members of the committee are Marianne Bitler (University of California-Irvine), Elizabeth Frankenberg (Duke University), Christina Gibson-Davis (Duke University), Leticia Marteleto (University of Texas-Austin), Kelly Musick (Cornell University), and Kevin J.A. Thomas (Pennsylvania State University). The Committee reserves the right to withhold the award if it decides that no suitable paper was submitted.