Development News

For the last three years, you have been getting letters from me, assorted PAA presidents, and other esteemed members of the PAA Development Committee asking you to contribute to the PAA Fund Campaign. Our campaign began in 2009 with a million dollars in contributions from a number of foundations, which was to be matched by one million dollars from member contributions. Well, to paraphrase the memorable words of Cornell Pickering to Henry Higgins, “You almost did it.”

So far, we have raised about $591,000 from over 850 PAA members who have made 1,400 donations. All good things must eventually come to an end, so we are planning to wrap up the Development Committee efforts with a celebration of the PAA Fund Campaign at next year’s PAA meeting in New Orleans. Even if we do not reach the million dollar goal by next April (we are still trying!), we regard the campaign as a major accomplishment. About 30% of PAA members, including many graduate students, have made a voluntary contribution on top of their annual dues and meetings registration fees. A few years ago, the list of PAA donors barely filled one page of the PAA meetings program; the current list of PAA donors is very long.

If you have not yet made a contribution, or would like to give another, it is easy to click on the PAA website to do so. Perhaps, you might wish to organize a collective effort to honor a valued colleague, an influential mentor, or any current or former PAA member. Once $5,000 has been raised as part of a Honor-a-Colleague campaign, there will be a special page of the PAA website with the honoree’s picture and biosketch. There are currently two dozen PAA Honored Members and there are another 20 campaigns currently in progress. If you need advice on how to organize a PAA honoring campaign, feel free to contact Eleanor Weis, PAA Development specialist at

The PAA Fund is not used to support routine expenditures of the association. Membership dues and meeting registration funds are sufficient to support the annual meetings, publications, and the day to day expenditures. The PAA Fund is demography’s intellectual venture fund. The list of PAA Fund supported initiatives is posted on the website. New ideas for support are considered by the PAA Board of Directors at their semi-annual meetings. Click the link to suggest an initiative for support from the PAA Fund.

This coming year, I will be on sabbatical at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sam Preston, former PAA president, PAA Development Committee stalwart, and demography’s wunderkind, has graciously agreed to serve PAA Development Committee co-chair, in the last year of the campaign.

Thanks for your generous support of the PAA, professionally and financially. It is a great organization that will be made only stronger with our continued commitment.

In appreciation,


Charles Hirschman
PAA Development Committee Co-Chair