PAA is a non-profit, scientific, professional organization that promotes research on population issues.


List of Donors

The donor categories are:

The Lotka Society*
Laureate $25,000  or more
Scholar $10,000 –  $24,999
Patron $ 5,000 –   $  9,999
Founder $ 1,000 –   $ 4,999
Benefactor $    500 –   $    999
Sponsor $    250 –   $    499
Friend $    100 –   $    249
Supporter $        5 –   $      99

*PAA members who affirm their belief in population renewal with a legacy to the PAA through a bequest in their will or other planned gift.


Thank you to our corporate partner, Springer, for their generous support of the PAA Fund Campaign.

Listed below are PAA Fund Campaign new donors and donors who have advanced to a new category from February 20, 2015 – May 15, 2015.  For the complete donor list click here.

Linda W. Gordon

Jere R. Behrman
Laura Carstensen
James Vaupel
Robert J. Willis

Rebecca L. Clark
Barney Cohen
Fanglan Du and Chunsheng Jiang
Howard M. Iams
Elizabeth G. Menaghan
Teresa Seeman

John Cacioppo
William A. V. Clark
Sally C. Curtin
David Laibson
Jinkook Lee
Rose Maria Li
Kenneth M. Johnson
Philip S. Salisbury
John R. Wilmoth

Akinrinola Bankole
Richard V. Burkhauser
Hwajung Choi
Steve Cole
Jennifer Cheeseman Day
Vicki A. Freedman
Alan Garber
Jennifer Harris
Melonie P. Heron
Kevin G. Kinsella
Alan G. Kraut and Jane Steinberg
Margie Lachman
Edward O. Laumann
Kyriakos S. Markides
Olivia S. Mitchell
Evelyn Neil
Jennifer M. Park
John WR Phillips
Kristen Robinson
Joseph J. Salvo
Barbara Wanchisen
David A. Wise
Julie M. Zissimopoulos

Vadim A. Bezverbny
Sophia Chae
Jacob E. Cheadle
Sara Czaja
Tania Gutsche
Wan He
Maame B. Peterson
Nicole A. Maestas
Lisbeth Nielsen
Matthieu Solignac
David Takeuchi
Virginia Zarulli