PAA is a non-profit, scientific, professional organization that promotes research on population issues.


List of Donors

The donor categories are:

The Lotka Society*
Laureate $25,000  or more
Scholar $10,000 – $24,999
Patron $5,000 –     $9,999
Founder $1,000 –    $4,999
Benefactor $   500 –  $    999
Sponsor $   250 –  $    499
Friend $   100 –  $    249
Supporter $        5 –  $     99

*PAA members who affirm their belief in population renewal with a legacy to the PAA through a bequest in their will or other planned gift.


Thank you to our corporate partner, Springer, for their generous support of the PAA Fund Campaign.

Listed below are PAA Fund Campaign new donors and donors who have advanced to a new category from August 13 – November 30, 2014  For the complete donor list click here.

Cynthia Buckley
David Weir

Ronald E. Cossman

Freya Lund Sonenstein
Deborah Vandell
Megan M. Way

Anamarie Auger
Tim-Allen Bruckner
Flavio Cunha

Patrick Opoku Asuming
Jennifer Hill
Jade Jenkins
Andrew Penner
Aaron Sojourner