Demography Editorial Policy and Manuscript Guidelines

The editor welcomes submissions that contribute to the scientific literature and that are of general interest to demographers. Demography publishes research conducted in several disciplines including the social sciences, geography, history, biology, statistics, business, epidemiology, and public health. Research studies as well as review papers and commentaries will be considered for publication. Specialized research papers, theoretical developments, and improvements in models or methods, policy evaluations, applications of demographic principles or techniques, assessments of demographic data, comparative studies, historical studies, and studies of developed and developing countries are welcome. Brief commentaries on articles previously published in Demography will also be considered. Comments should present re-analyses that generate new substantive conclusions. Revisions of papers published in proceedings not under copyright will be considered; the volume of the proceedings should be noted in the submission letter.

Manuscripts submitted to Demography will be judged in part, by whether they have reconciled their results with already-published research on the same topic. Further, authors of accepted manuscripts will be asked to preserve the data used in their analysis and to make the data available to others at reasonable cost from a date six months after the publication date for the paper and for a period of three years thereafter. Authors wishing to request an exemption from this requirement should notify the editors at the time of manuscript submission or after receiving this notice; otherwise, authors will be assumed to accept the requirement. The use of proprietary data sets, for example, may prompt an exemption request.

Demography is a peer-reviewed journal. All manuscripts considered appropriate for the journal are reviewed externally. To preserve anonymity, authors and referees should avoid self-identifying references. Submission of a manuscript to Demography is taken to indicate the author’s commitment to publish in the journal. A paper submitted to Demography while it is under review by another journal will not be accepted for review.

Comments on articles and correspondence may be sent to the co-editors.


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