Science administration at NIH


  • Rosalind King, Associate Director for Prevention and Health Scientist Administrator, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
  • Suzanne Ryan, Scientific Review Officer, National Institutes of Health

The economic consequences of COVID-19 have profoundly changed the academic job market for emerging scholars. More than ever, emerging scholars entering the job market may want to consider career opportunities outside of academia.

The Marriage Strengthening Research & Dissemination Center (MAST Center) and NCFR are sponsoring this 4-part Continuing Conversations series, which introduces emerging scholars to some of the non-academic career paths that researchers with graduate training in family-related disciplines (e.g., Family Science, sociology, psychology, human development) have taken. Each conversation will focus on the career paths taken by individuals in varied settings, including: (1) research in non-academic research organizations; (2) social science research in non-research industries; (3) applied research at National Center for Health Statistics and the Census; and (4) science administration at National Institutes of Health.

In each conversation, two to three presenters will share insight and knowledge on:

  • their career path and how they landed their current job
  • how their family-related research training helps them at this job
  • the types of jobs in this industry for those with a master’s or PhD and a background in family-related research
  • the day to day nature of work in this industry, and the skills needed to succeed
  • successful strategies for marketing oneself for current opportunities, and how this differs from marketing for academic opportunities
  • their organization’s perspective/response to diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring and in the workplace

When:  Dec 3, 2020 from 11:30 to 12:30 (CT)