Networking Events

While PAA 2021 will be virtual, it will not be without great opportunities to network and socialize with your friends and colleagues.  In the two months leading up to the meeting, you will have sixteen opportunities to participate in mentoring and networking activities.  More events will be announced as we get closer to the meeting including activities from the Committee on Applied Demography and the Diversity, Equity, and Include Committee.

Sign up information and links for all the events will be located in the PAA 2021 attendee community.

Mentoring Meals

Bring the meal that best works for your time zone to join 1 or 2 senior scholars and up to 7 colleagues for a PAA 2021 Mentoring Meal!  These events are set up to mimic the Career Mentoring Lunch typically held as part of the PAA Annual Meeting.  Mentees and mentors will be grouped together by research and career interest areas for a 90-minute free-flowing discussion.

We have held eight days and times for these events to try to accommodate the wide variety of attendees’ time zones.   See the list of dates and times on the right.

To participate as a mentor or mentee, simply fill out the sign-up form found at the PAA 2021 Online Community.  As we receive requests, we will put together groups and send confirmations as soon as we have a group of 4 (1 mentor and 3 mentees).

These events will be held using Zoom breakout rooms.

Mentoring Meals

March 16

12 PM CT and 5 PM CT

March 26

7AM CT and 12 PM CT

April 6

2 PM CT and 9 PM CT

April 22

11 AM CT and 3 PM CT

Quick Meets

One of the downsides of not meeting in person is the chance encounters like seeing an old friend in the hall or making a new friend next to you at a session.  We are going to remedy that through Quick Meets!  At a quick meet, you will be randomly paired with another participant and have four minutes to chat before you are paired up again with another participant when the four minutes is up.  Paired with someone you don’t want to meet? No problem! Just click the pass button and you’ll be paired with another person.

To sign up, simply register through the platform, (You will be required to set up a Hopin account).  Links will be available at the PAA 2021 Online Community.  These events will be confirmed as soon as there are 50 registrants.

This networking event was a big hit at the Applied Demography Conference in February 2021 – and we bet you’ll enjoy it too!

Quick Meets

March 12 |12 PM CT

March 30 | 9 AM CT

April 5 | 9 PM CT

April 20 | 5 PM CT

May 4

7 AM, 12 PM, and 9 PM CT