Call for Papers

We look forward to a full and rigorous scientific conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, next spring. The deadline for submissions is now October 3.

Please note a few important items:

  • All accepted presenters will be required to pre-register for the conference by February 7, 2023.
  • Unfortunately, PAA cannot accommodate schedule requests; if your paper or poster is accepted, it could be scheduled any time between Thursday, April 13 and Saturday, April 15.
  • Individuals can only serve as a presenting author twice on the program, but can have additional roles such as chair or discussant, and no more than four total roles.
  • Organizers will not review papers from authors with whom they have a conflict of interest (close collaborators or current students/postdocs). As such, please do not submit your abstract to someone with whom you may have a conflict of interest.
  • If you need your affiliation updated, please move forward with your submission and send your institution update to That change will be reflected in the final program.

Important Dates

August 15 System open for submissions
October 2  3 Deadline for submissions
November 21 - 25 Authors notified of papers accepted into regular and flash sessions
November 28 -
December 2
Authors notified of papers accedpted into overflow sessions
December 1 Registration opens
December 12 - 16 Authors notified of papers accepted into poster sessions
February 7 Deadline for presenting authors, chairs, and discussants to register
March 22 Deadline for online revisions and to upload full papers
(all dates subject to change)

Two Presentation Rule

The PAA Board of Directors has instituted a two-presentations rule, i.e., each person is limited to a maximum of two presentations (summed across regular oral sessions, flash sessions and poster sessions).

A further rule is a limit of four appearances in total, encompassing the roles of presenter, chair, and discussant. But there is no limit on how many times a person can appear on the program as a co-author. Single-authored papers must be presented by the author. For multiple-authored papers, at the time of submission a presenter must be designated; once all sessions are finalized (that is, all papers and posters have been accepted or rejected), there will be a short time interval when presenter status can be revised.

Note that for the purpose of the two-presentations rule, the roles of chair and discussant do not count; instead, there is a limit of four presentations in the roles of presenter, chair, and discussant inclusive.