Undergraduate Program

Applications/Nominations Due March 24, 2023 | Apply today!

A critical component of PAA's strategic plan is to increase diversity in the field by introducing demography to undergraduate students before they make decisions on their future career plans.  The result is the PAA Undergraduate Pipeline Program (UPP) which aims to introduce demographic research, careers in demography, and information about applying to and being successful in graduate school to undergraduates at minority-serving institutions local to the PAA Annual Meeting. Given the breadth and depth of research available at the PAA Annual Meeting, it is a perfect opportunity to engage undergrads.

This day-and-a-half program consists of two phases. On the first day, undergraduates will participate in a series of seminars and activities designed to introduce demography, educate them about applying to graduate school, and how to succeed in graduate school. These seminars will be created and conducted by senior scholars and professionals of color with support from PAA. There will be multiple opportunities to meet a wide range of demographers at the peak of their careers. 

On the second day, April 13, participants will attend research sessions with a senior scholar.  Research sessions at the PAA Annual Meeting cover a wide range of topics including health, fertility, mortality, race, education, and much more.  You can view past meeting programs at PAA’s website. 

The program will provide local transportation, meals, and lodging to the participants to ensure anyone who wants to participate can do so.

Students can either be nominated by faculty or self-nominate through the online form.  The program will be limited to 25 students. If more than 25 students want to participate, we will prioritize participants who are closer to the end of their undergraduate career.

For 2023, PAA is reaching out to Xavier University of Louisiana, Dillard University of Louisiana, and Southern University at New Orleans. Anyone interested in the program is welcome to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Staudt, PAA Executive Director, via email at danielle@popassoc.org.

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Application Deadline
March 24, 2023

Program Outline

Introduction to Demography

Hedy Lee & Ryan Gabriel, Organizers

  • What is demography?
  • What do demographers research?
  • About PAA
  • About the PAA Annual Meeting

Careers in Demography

Lina Guzman & Juanita Chinn, Organizers

  • What can you do with a master’s in Demography?
  • Academia
  • Government
  • Corporate

Preparing for Graduate School

Christy Erving & Tyson Brown, Organizers

  • How to become a desirable grad school candidate
  • Applying to grad school
  • Finding success in grad school
  • Pop Center Involvement?

Draft Schedule

Wednesday, April 12

8:30 AM                Breakfast available

9:00 AM               Welcome & Orientation (30 Mins)

9:30 AM                What is Demography (90 Mins)


11:00 AM             Career Paths in Demography (90 Mins)

12:30 PM             Lunch with advanced graduate students
                                Welcome from PAA officers

2:00 PM                Succeeding in Grad School (90 Mins)

3:30 PM                Wrap up and review Thursday activities (30 Mins)

4:00 PM               Free time

6:00 PM                Welcome Mixer lap & dinner with organizers, grad students, PAA Board

Thursday, April 13

7:00 AM                Hispanic Research Breakfast (open to all participants)

8:00 AM                Attend Session I

9:45 AM                Attend Session II

11:30 AM               Attend Session III

12:45 PM              Farewell Lunch


Hedwig Lee Headshot
Hedwig Lee
Duke University

Christy Erving headshot
Christy L. Erving
Vanderbilt University
Ryan Gabriel headshot
Ryan Gabriel
Brigham Young University

Tyson Brown headshot
Tyson Brown
Duke University
Lina Guzman headshot
Lina Guzman
Child Trends
Juanita Chinn headshot
Juanita Chinn
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development