Support Subscribe to Open

Demography will become a Subscribe to Open journal with Duke University Press, starting with the 2024 volume year. Subscribe to Open (S2O) is a business model that uses subscription payments to convert gated-access journals to full open access (OA). Subscription fees support publishing costs, and articles will be made fully OA if the annual funding threshold is met. 

Due to lower-than-expected participation in the initial community funding, open access model, which depended on altruism from institutions, DUP will transition to S2O as a sustainable model of support for Demography.

When S2O subscribers commit funding, they gain access to the journal’s backfile and to the current volume year’s content as soon as it becomes available. Each year’s current content remains gated and limited to subscribers until an annual S2O revenue threshold is met. If the journal reaches the S2O revenue threshold for the volume year, the current year’s content is open access in perpetuity. This offer recurs annually. This model creates strong incentives to support the journal.

S2O-subscribing institutions receive an additional benefit for their associated authors called an OA publishing guarantee. That is, articles with corresponding authors who are affiliated with S2O subscribing institutions are guaranteed to be open access in perpetuity. 

The backfile of articles from 1964 to 2000 will remain freely available until January 2024. Articles published between 2021 and 2023 will be OA in perpetuity.

Demography continues to receive financial support from Community Partners—libraries and other institutions who believe in keeping this critical scholarship open to all.

We are asking members to reach out to their institutions to ask them to subscribe to Demography.  

  1. Determine whether your institution is a current Community Partner. If so, consider thanking them.
  2. If your institution does not support Demography, take a look at this sample email and customize it for your institution. 

If you have questions about funding for Demography, please contact