Fees & Funding

Fees & Funding

Demography is an open-access journal. 

Submission Fee
There is a $25 USD fee to submit articles for review. This is paid at the time of submission.

Editorial and Management Offset

To help PAA offset editorial and management costs, we have instituted a standard  2021 per-article offset of $938. Click here to obtain and pay the offset. (Please note this fee is not to make your article open access, that is fully covered by external funding.)

Our primary goal is to publish the best demographic research, and we understand that you may not have available funds for this offset. If you do not have institutional or grant support, PAA will waive the offset. No questions asked.Please send your request for waiver to info@popassoc.org.  

How is the offset calculated?

We calculate the offset by taking a three-year rolling average of expenses minus anticipated income and dividing the difference by the three-year rolling average of articles paid rounded down to the nearest dollar. The offset will be recalculated each fall for the upcoming year. The 2021 offset calculation is below.

PAA Direct Expenses:                     $198,000
PAA Anticipated Income:          -   $122,000
Difference:                                         $ 76,000

Average Annual Number of Paid Articles: 81

$76,000/81 = $938.00

External Support

Duke University Press coordinates external funding to produce Demography. For more information about the funding model and how to support Demography, visit their website.