Fees & Funding

Fees & Funding

Demography is an open-access journal. 

Submission Fee
There is a $25 USD fee to submit articles for review. This is paid at the time of submission.

Article Processing Fee

It takes quite a bit of work to take a manuscript from acceptance to publication.  Your article will be reviewed, edited, and proofread by a highly experienced team of professional editors. To help PAA offset the cost of these editorial and management services, there is a standard  article processing fee of $1000. Click here to obtain and pay the article processing fee. (Please note this fee is not to make your article open access, that is fully covered by external funding.)

Our primary goal for Demography is to publish the best demographic research, and we understand that you may not have available funds for this offset. If you do not have institutional or grant support, PAA will grant the waiver request. Please send your request for a waiver to waiver@popassoc.org.  Please include your name, article title, and article number in the email.

Before your article can be published, a waiver request must be received and granted, or the article processing fee must be paid.  

Please wait to request a waiver until after your article has been accepted for publication.

External Support

Duke University Press coordinates external funding to produce Demography. For more information about the funding model and how to support Demography, visit their website.