About PAA

The Population Association of America (PAA) is a nonprofit, scientific, professional organization established to promote and support high-quality population research. PAA members include demographers, sociologists, economists, public health professionals, and other individuals interested in research and education in the population field. PAA membership has grown to 3,000 reflecting professional interest in the population field. 

Members receive Demography, the bi-monthly journal of the Association, and PAA Affairs, the quarterly on-line newsletter. PAA produces an annual meeting which is the premier conference for the population research community. The Government and Public Affairs program supports members' interest in the federal government. Members also have access to mentoring activities, networking opportunities, and other special programs. 

PAA Anti-Harassment Policy

PAA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for the population research community.  Please review the PAA_Anti-Harassment_Policy.

PAA Ethics Statement

Membership in the Population Association of America (PAA) commits members to conducting research and all other professional activities in a manner consistent with United States laws and regulations at both the federal and state levels, as well as with accepted ethical standards.

The Population Association of America does not prescribe specific ethical standards but expects that its members maintain familiarity with ethical principles and actively seek to identify and address any ethical issues that may arise in the course of their professional activities. To assist members in this endeavor, the PAA wishes to draw their attention to the codes of ethics and statements of ethical principles developed by sister professional associations.

The PAA encourages members to draw from these documents and from appropriate expertise the guidance required to make decisions involving ethical considerations. 

The Early Years of the PAA

The Population Association of America (PAA) was conceived on December 15th, 1930 at a meeting in the office of Henry Pratt Fairchild at New York University.

The PAA was an offshoot of the American National Committee of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) which had been formed in 1927 with Raymond Pearl of The Johns Hopkins University as its first President.

More About Our History