Rent Our Mailing List

Mailing List Rental Requirements

There are approximately 3,000 PAA members: 2,225 Domestic, 150 Canadian, and 725 Foreign. A sort criteria is provided. Mailing lists are provided in CSV format.

All orders must be in writing with a sample of the literature to be mailed attached. If the final copy is not available, a reasonable facsimile is acceptable. The literature must be professional, nondiscriminatory, and of interest to a broad segment of PAA members.

Rentals are subject to approval by PAA. PAA reserves the right to refuse any list order. Mailing lists are provided for one-time use only and may not be reproduced for subsequent use.

All sales are final.

Rental Agreement

To apply, please download the following PAA Mailing List Requirements form:

Mailing List Rental Form