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Demography is a scholarly journal published bi-monthly by Duke University Press on behalf of the Population Association of America. Demography publishes research drawing on several disciplines including the social sciences, geography, history, biology, statistics, epidemiology, and public health.

PAA Affairs

PAA Affairs, the official blog of PAA, reports news of the Association in particular and the profession in general. PAA Affairs is included in the PAA membership fee.

Applied Demography

Applied Demography is the newsletter jointly supported by the PAA Business Demography Group and the State and Local Demography Group. Applied Demography contains articles of interest to demographers working in applied settings, technical articles on demographic analysis, and announcements of related news and upcoming events. Published twice annually.

Careers in Population

Careers in Population is an informational booklet prepared by the PAA Committee on Careers in Demography. Contains information for individuals contemplating a career in demography, and a listing of universities offering advanced training in population. Discusses why one should study population, why the discipline matters, where specialists work and how to train for a career in population.