Honor a Colleague

The Honor A Colleague program is a wonderful way to personalize your contribution to the PAA. You, or a group of people, may donate in honor of a colleague, mentor or friend!

When donations reach a total of $5,000, the honoree will have a page on the PAA website with a picture, a brief essay on his or her accomplishments, and the list of those who contributed toward the tribute.

Current Campaigns

  • Noreen Goldman
  • Richard Rogers
  • Chirayath Suchindran

If the person you want to honor is not listed, donate to the person of your choice.

How to Start a Campaign

All Honor A Colleague campaigns are lead by PAA members who want to see their colleagues recognized for their contributions to PAA and the population research community. If you want to lead a campaign, just follow the steps below.

  1. Contact Betsy Alafoginis and advise her for whom you plan to begin a campaign.

  2. Create a list of individuals that may be willing to contribute in the colleague’s honor. For additional names, scan your colleague’s CV, co-authors, co-investigators, current and former students, postdocs and websites like Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

  3. Compose an email to send to your list of people (click here for a sample email .doc). Also, identify individuals you know in the colleague’s current and past institutions and forward your email to them, asking them to forward your email to others within the department or organization there.

  4. It can take several rounds of sending out mass emails. It may take up to a nine months or more to generate enough contributions to reach $5,000. Summer tends to be slow for donations, but we see a lot of donations come in September, the last 6 weeks of the year (for tax benefits), and in the 8 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.

  5. Once the campaign is complete, the honoree will be added to the page of honored colleagues. Please have a headshot and bio ready so that we can complete their page as soon as the campaign is complete.

PAA staff will provide you with quarterly updates on the campaign’s progress via email. HAC campaign goals must be reached by April 1 to be recognized at that year's Annual Meeting.