PAA Officers & Directors


Sonalde Desai
Professor of Sociology
University of Maryland, College Park
Jennifer Van Hook

Vice President

Jennifer Van Hook
Roy C. Buck Professor, Sociology/Demography
Pennsylvania State University

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Lisa Berkman


Lisa Berkman
Director, Center for Population and Development Studies
Professor of Public Policy, Epidemiology, and Global Health and Population;
Harvard University
James Raymo

Vice President-Elect

James Raymo

Professor of Sociology and Henry Wendt III ’55 Professor of East Asian Studies
Princeton University
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Michelle Frisco


Michelle Frisco
Professor of Sociology & Demography
Pennsylvania State University

Robert Hummer

Past President

Robert Hummer
Howard W. Odum Distinguished Professor of Sociology
University of North Carolina
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Officer Term Details
All officers have a term of one calendar year except that of Secretary-Treasurer, who serves a term as determined by the Board of Directors. Historically, the secretary-treasurer serves a three-year term, beginning and ending mid-year.  The President also serves three years on the Board: one year as President-elect, one year as President, and one year as Past President.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Barber (2023)
Indiana University

Tyson Brown (2023)
Duke University

Deborah Carr (2022)
Boston University

Elizabeth Cooksey (2023)
The Ohio State University

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks (2022)
University of California, Berkeley

Hedwig Lee (2022)
Washington University in St. Louis

M. Giovanna Merli (2022)
Duke University

Jennifer Karas Montez (2023)
Syracuse University

Emilio Parrado (2024)
University of Pennsylvania  

Rogelio Saenz (2024)
University of Texas at San Antonio 

Christine Schwartz (2024)
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Florencia Torche (2024)
Stanford University 

Board Term Details
Directors serve for three years, beginning January 1 of the year following the election. There are 12 Directors, with four assuming office each year. The Board, which includes the Directors and Officers, meets twice a year, in the Spring (Wednesday before the Annual Meeting in the convention hotel), and Fall (late October or early November in Washington, DC). The PAA Executive Director is asked to attend. The date for the Fall meeting is usually set at the Spring meeting.