Demography to Become a Platinum Open Access Journal

By PAA Web posted 09-08-2020 09:23


PAA flagship journal joins Duke University Press for new model

Demography, the flagship journal of the Population Association of America (PAA), will become a platinum open access journal in 2021 as it joins the Duke University Press (DUP) journals publishing program.

DUP was selected because of their proposal to move Demography to a platinum open access journal. Eileen Crimmins, PAA President and Professor at the University of Southern California, notes, “PAA’s mission is to promote and support high-quality population research. Converting Demography to a platinum open-access journal dovetails perfectly with that mission. We are excited to work with Duke University Press on this new model that maintains Demography’s position as the top journal in our field, is fiscally sound for our organization, and more broadly shares top-notch demographic research.”

Demography is the most cited journal in the field. Leading on issues related to population and demographic trends, it encompasses a wide variety of methodological approaches to population research. Moving from a traditional paid subscription model to open access gives a whole worldwide community of researchers access to its content. Demography will also move from a printed journal to an online-only journal.

Demography Editor Mark D. Hayward, at the University of Texas at Austin, said, “Converting Demography to an open-access journal offers new opportunities for researchers to disseminate their work quickly. Open access also will widen dissemination across disciplines and globally. This is a very exciting opportunity to grow the scientific reach of demographic research.”

Duke University Press was selected after a thorough search by the PAA Publications Committee which includes Lori Hunter; professor at the University of Colorado Boulder; Elizabeth Fussell, Associate Professor at Brown University; and is chaired by Pamela Smock, professor at the University of Michigan, who states, “The Publications Committee could not be more pleased with this outcome of our search. I believe the current and future editors - and authors - will very much enjoy working with Duke University Press. We are also excited about the move to open access, which will further broaden the reach of Demography.”

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