Thank You for Your Action on COVID & Census

By PAA Web posted 09-08-2020 11:05


Thank you, PAA Members, for your action on COVID relief funding and Census issues.

This summer PAA issued three action alerts and more than 1,100 PAA members responded with action sending over 2,456 messages (these alerts only targeted members of the Senate).

The most recent alert focused on the President’s memorandum on Census operations and attracted nearly 1,000 advocates.

California Senators Feinstein and Harris received the most messages. And among key Republican Senators, the most messages were directed to Senators Toomey (PA), Cruz and Cornyn (TX), and Thillis and Burr (NC).

These are great response rates given the size of PAA. Your efforts are keeping the story alive in the media and members of Congress are listening. There is now a bipartisan letter that Senators Murkowski (AK) and Schatz (HI) sent to Senate leaders urging them to approve an extension and expect to introduce legislation this month. Stay tuned for more updates on this, coming soon.

Thank you for all you do. Keep it up!

Infographic 2020 Action Alerts