A Note Regarding PAA 2021 Registration Rates

By PAA Web posted 12-07-2020 13:21


As we plan for a virtual PAA 2021, we are aiming to maximize your professional experience and prioritize high-quality scholarly exchanges that advance population research. Additionally, we are seeking ways to create an experience that allows for the meaningful interactions that most effectively mimic our cherished in-person meetings.

At their last meeting, the PAA Board decided that we will charge the same registration fee as last year. The reason for the Board’s decision is twofold. First, the full cost of the meeting includes year-round staffing and associated meeting services (e.g. abstract submission system and registration system) for the planning and implementation of the meeting. Second, the PAA annual meeting revenue supports much of PAA’s operating infrastructure: annual meeting registration accounts for 44% of all PAA revenue. While we have worked diligently over the last few years to increase funding from other sources, we are still dependent on annual meeting revenue to operate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in substantial losses for PAA. Last year, we returned registration fees and did not charge for participation in the virtual meeting. This resulted in a significant revenue loss. This year, we may be subject to large cancellation fees with the hotels in St. Louis and may incur associated legal fees. In addition, planning the virtual meeting is requiring more staff time and external services than is typical for an in-person meeting.

Because of these realities, the PAA Board thought it financially irresponsible to reduce or eliminate PAA 2021 registration fees. PAA has taken considerable measures to reduce expenses while maintaining our service to members and without significant adverse impact on our staff – one of our greatest resources. Due to past fiscal stewardship, PAA had a sizable reserve fund for emergencies that served to blunt the impact of canceling PAA 2020, but this reserve has now diminished.

We understand that many of our members have also been adversely affected by the pandemic and may have reduced funding for meetings. For those who do not have external funding and must ‘self-pay’ to attend PAA 2021, we are offering a hardship discount that is a 30% reduction off the regular and student rates; this reduced rate can be requested confidentially by anyone who needs it. The base registration fees are listed below by the three time periods of purchase. The time periods are December - February | March - April | May. A separate meeting registration email will be sent later this week.

Regular Full-Pay: $290 | $345 | $405
Regular Self-Pay: $203 | $241 | $283

Student Full-Pay: $87 | $115 | $144
Student Self-Pay: $61 | $80 | $101

One silver lining of a virtual meeting is that people from all over the world will be able to participate in PAA 2021 without travel costs. To support the attendance of scholars from low and middle-income countries, we have established a special rate:

Low/Middle Income Country Resident: $100 | $130 | $160

For those who can, please consider supporting PAA by donating an amount equivalent to the hardship discount for your registration category by donating an amount equal to 30% of your registration fee (e.g., $87 for the regular member early-bird rate). Doing so will help us support participation in PAA 2021 by a wider range of population scientists, recover the losses from canceling PAA 2020, and brace for the potential 2021 cancellation fees. You can donate here.

Thank you for your unwavering support and willingness to help PAA weather this challenging time. We look forward to your participation in PAA 2021!


Eileen Crimmins, President
Sara Curran, Vice President
Robert A. Hummer, President-Elect
Marcy Carlson, Vice-President Elect
John Casterline, Past President
Danielle Staudt, Executive Director