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PAA Secretary-Treasurer Search is Open

By PAA Web posted 03-09-2021 11:58


Bridget Gorman, our current Secretary-Treasurer, will end her term on June 30, 2021. PAA is seeking candidates to assume the office for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2021. A Secretary-Treasurer needs a good head for numbers, good organizational skills, and, most important, a willingness to serve as an officer of the PAA. The Secretary-Treasurer plays an essential role in the PAA.

The PAA Constitution places custody of the funds of the Association in the hands of this officer and s/he approves all expenditures for the Association. While the Executive Office tracks and manages funds, the Secretary-Treasurer monitors the budget, the disbursement of funds, and the PAA’s accounts and reviews the annual audit. Consulting with the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Executive Director and the Secretary-Treasurer propose operating budgets and 5-year projection plans for the PAA. The Secretary-Treasurer presents the budgets to the Board of Directors for input and approval. In addition, the Secretary-Treasurer works with the Executive Director to document the proceedings at PAA Board meetings and prepares reports for PAA Affairs that summarize Board meeting highlights and the PAA’s financial status. S/he serves as the point of contact between the Board, President and Vice President, and the PAA Executive Office, consulting with the Executive Director about concerns and needs and preparing the Executive Director’s annual performance appraisal. S/he communicates the results of PAA elections to the candidates and the membership and may perform other tasks as assigned.

Interested candidates can contact the current Secretary-Treasurer, Bridget Gorman ( with questions. Nominations and individual applications will be accepted until Friday, March 19.

For nominations, please send the name and a brief description of why the nominee would be qualified.

For application, please send your CV and a short statement of interest, including a description of experience managing finances, budgets, and personnel.

Nominations and applications should be sent to Jenn Dowd (, Chair of the PAA Finance Committee, by March 19, 2021.