Women and the Economy: Family, Work, and Pay (Fourth Edition)

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Authors: Saul D. Hoffman (University of Delaware) and Susan L. Averett (Lafayette College)

Title: Women and the Economy: Family, Work, and Pay (Fourth Edition)

Publisher: Red Globe Press

Year: 2021

Announcement: Designed as an undergraduate text for economics courses focusing on gender issues, the book can also be used in courses on WOmen and the Economy Cover Image economics of the family or as an introduction to economic perspectives and findings on gender-related topics for demography, sociology, or public policy courses.  Broad topics include marriage, fertility, women’s labor force participation, and the gender wage gap; two chapters provide substantial coverage of these topics in the context of developing countries.  Shorter applied sections cover topics such as cohabitation, teen and non-marital fertility, the impact of contraceptives on women’s investment in education and labor market skills, the agricultural origins of the gender-based division of labor, and the economics of dowry and brideprice. Two brand new chapters cover gender and its economic impacts and race and gender in the U.S.  Contemporary research methods, such as natural experiments and RCTs, are utilized throughout the text. Instructor aids include a test bank and PowerPoint slides.