An Economist’s Lessons on Happiness

By PAA Web posted 04-13-2021 11:44


Authors: Richard Easterlin

Title: An Economist’s Lessons on Happiness

Publisher: Springer

Year: 2021

An Economist's Lessons on Happiness coverIn this book Richard Easterlin, the “father of happiness economics,” draws on a half-century of his own research and that conducted by fellow economists and psychologists to answer in plain language questions like: Can happiness be measured? Will more money make me happier? What about finding a partner? Getting married? Having a baby? More exercise? Does religion help? Who is happier: women or men, young or old, rich or poor? How does happiness change as we go through different stages of life? The book also addresses public policy and questions such as: Can the government increase people’s happiness and should the government increase their happiness? Which countries are the happiest and why? Does a country need to be rich to be happy? Does economic growth improve the human lot? Easterlin traces the genesis of the ongoing “Happiness Revolution” and considers its implications for people’s lives down the road.