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Biodemography: An Introduction to Concepts and Methods

By PAA Web posted 03-29-2022 12:36


CEDA affiliate Professor James Carey at the University of California, Davis, and his co-author Professor Deborah Roach at the University of Virginia, have

released the book Biodemography: An Introduction to Concepts and Methods (2020, Princeton University Press) with a Foreword by James Vaupel. Carey has developed over 170 scripted, closed-captioned videos of complementary lectures to the book, available on this CEDA webpage. The 11-chapter book covers all of the major areas of demography from Lexis diagrams, life tables, and mortality models to stable population theory, age-stage models and applied demography (in both humans and non-human species). The chapter on human demography not only contains fresh perspectives on much of the standard topics such as development stages, reproduction, lifespan, mortality and health demography, but also includes concepts on the evolution of the family not found in other demography texts. The section on family demography uses Charles Darwin’s 12-member family to illustrate the basic family model. The Carey-Roach book is the first true synthesis of biological and classic demography and, this video series is the first time an author of a demography book has recorded video mini-lectures on the contents of their entire book.