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2022 PAA Officers Election Slate of Nominees

By PAA Web posted 05-03-2022 13:45


The Nominations Committee is pleased to put forward the following slate for the 2022 PAA Election. The Nominations Committee includes Marcy Carlson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Sara Curran (University of Washington), and Steven Ruggles (University of Minnesota). PAA members will receive a ballot in their e-mail inbox this summer.


Jennifer Glass, University of Texas at Austin
Yu Xie, Princeton University

Vice President

Susan Brown, Bowling Green State University
Jenna Johnson-Hanks, University of California, Berkeley


Scrabble tiles spelling out the word Jennie Brand, University of California, Los Angeles
Juanita Chinn, NICHD
Lina Guzman, Child Trends
Karen Guzzo, Bowling Green State University
Sarah Hayford, Ohio State University
Sanyu Mojola, Princeton University
Ann Moore, Guttmacher Institute
Mariano Sana, Vanderbilt University
Rob Warren, University of Minnesota
Anna Zajacova, University of Western Ontario


Pamela Herd, Georgetown University
Hedy Lee, Washington University
Emily Smith-Greenaway, University of Southern California
Edward Telles, University of California, Irvine
Jenny Trinitapoli, University of Chicago
Jenjira Yahirun, Bowling Green State University


Amy Bailey, University of Illinois at Chicago
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, University of Minnesota