National Couples' Health and Time Study Data Now Publicly Available

By PAA Web posted 07-26-2022 11:44


The National Couples' Health and Time Study (NCHAT; N = 3,642 main respondents and N = 1,515 partner/spouses) is the first population-based study of couples that contains large representative samples of individuals who are racial and ethnic diverse and sexual and gender diverse. NCHAT main respondent survey data, funded by NICHD, are now publicly available from the Data Sharing for Demographic Research at ICPSR. Users can also apply to use the restricted data, for free, through DSDR on a virtual data enclave. There is a free virtual training workshop on August 18th, registration details can be found here. Users can learn more about the data in this working paper. NCHAT was collected during the COVID-19 pandemic and included adults in the US who ranged in age from 20-60 years old, who were married or cohabiting, and who were able to read English or Spanish. NCHAT includes dyadic survey, time diary, experience sampling methods, and geospatial data. NCHAT is uniquely suited to address COVID, stress, family functioning, and physical and mental health and includes an abundance of contextual and acute measures of race and racism and cis-heterosexism. NCHAT includes a full household roster and marital and cohabitation histories. The gender neutral surveys are available in English and Spanish on the NCHAT website.  

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