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Child Labor in India: an Empirical Study

By PAA Web posted 10-27-2022 13:00


by N.R. Prabhakara.

Child Labor in India Book CoverIndia has five million working children between the ages of 5 and 14, which is more than two percent of all children in this group. Despite legal prohibitions, several socio-economic situations ranging from poverty, high fertility, and a non-responsive education system to poor access to financial services adversely affect a section of children and keep them working. Child labor is considered by most of the work as a ‘necessary evil’ and an economic asset for parents of poor families. Employment of children has been a problem since the early days of industrialization. The purpose of this study is to describe the correlation between migration and child labor by reviewing secondary data of migrant children with or without their families, and children left behind by their migrant parents.  Within a context of migration of close to a billion people – both internally and across national borders – the study describes how in particular some forms of seasonal family migration and independent child migration create extreme vulnerabilities to child labor.