Barcelona Summer School of Demography-BSSD 2023 Call for Applications

By PAA Web posted 03-14-2023 01:11 PM


Deadline for applications: March 31st, 2023

The Barcelona Summer School of Demography (BSSD), offers a four-week course in R. The course is divided into four modules -one per week- covering three major strengths of R: statistical and demographic analysis, data visualization and spatial analysis. Each module consists of 20 hours of teaching, combining theoretical lectures and practical exercises.

Participants are welcome to apply for the entire course or any of the individual modules: 

Modules 1 offer an introduction to R for which no previous knowledge is required. 
Instructor: Tim Riffe (University of the Basque Country)

Module 2 shows how to implement common demographic methods in R .
Instructor: Marie-Pier Bergeron (Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics-CPop, University of Southern Denmark)

Module 3 focuses on data visualization and the ‘tidyverse’ approach in R programming. 
Instructor: Ilya Kashnitsky (University of Southern Denmark)

Module 4 is devoted to handling spatial objects, spatial analysis and web-based mapping with R. 
Instructor: Juan Galeano (Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics)

For more information and application procedure please visit the BSSD website.
Contact information:
Instructors: Tim Riffe, Marie-Pier Bergeron, Ilya Kashnitsky and Juan Galeano.