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Comments in Response to House Science Committee Discussion Draft of Legislation to Reauthorize the National Science Foundation 

08-20-2020 16:17

In general, we view the draft legislation very favorably. We are particularly pleased to see robust and increasing funding levels that would effectively double the funding for NSF over five years. We applaud this increase in funding, which we believe is long overdue. Second, we were extremely gratified to see the inclusion of language that articulates the importance of the Social, Behavioral and Economics Directorate and the valued contributions of the social sciences. We note that this language echoes the findings of the 2017 National Academies Report, The Value of Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences to National Priorities. Given that in the not too distant past, some Members of Congress have openly questioned the value of SBE and sought to limit NSF’s support for the social sciences, we commend the inclusion of this language and hope that the final version of the legislation will retain this or similar language. We also appreciate the emphasis placed on STEM education and training and broadening participation.

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