PAA Presidential Address Topics: Where Are They Now? - Volume 2

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This is the second in our series of webinar panels featuring three PAA Past Presidents reviewing the main points of their respective PAA Presidential addresses and commenting on how demographic and social changes have evolved since then. Could they give essentially the same address today and have it still be true? Why or why not?

We encourage everyone who is going to ''attend" this session to review in advance the PAA history interview with each of the Past Presidents, and to read the published version of their presidential address. These files are available on the PAA website .

Past President Panelists
  • Reynolds Farley, University of Michigan, PAA President in 1988: "After the Starting Line: Blacks and Women in an Uphill Race."
    (Discussed by Ryan Cho - UCLA)
  • Anne Pebley, University of California, Los Angeles, PAA President in 1998: "Demography and the Environment."
    (Discussed by María Vignau - University of Washington)
  • Charles Hirschman, University of Washington, PAA President in 2005: "Immigration and the American Century."
    (Discussed by Nathan Hoffmann - UCLA)

When:  Mar 5, 2021 from 14:00 to 15:30 (ET)


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