PAA Honored Members

Anne R. Pebley

2017 Honored Member

Anne Pebley has made major contributions to the field of demography through her research, leadership of several demographic institutions, training of the next generation of demographers, and broad commitment to the demographic profession.

Anne’s career spans three institutions and she assumed a key leadership position in each. Her professional career began at Princeton, where she was Professor of Demography and International Affairs and Associate Director of the Office of Population Research. She then moved to RAND where she became director of the Population Research Center. She subsequently moved a short distance to UCLA. There she is the Bixby Professor of Population Studies in the School of Public Health and the Department of Sociology. She was a founding member of the California Center for Population Research and has since served as its Director.

Anne’s early research focused on fertility and marriage patterns in the US, and infant, child, and maternal mortality and health care choices in poor countries. She has collaborated with researchers and institutions in Mexico, Central America, Bangladesh, India, and West, Central and East Africa. More recently, her research has centered on neighborhood change and its effects on child and adult welfare in Los Angeles and in the United States more generally. She is the director of the Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (L.A.FANS), a longitudinal study of neighborhoods, families, and individuals. Public use data from L.A.FANS has generated extensive research by Anne and many others. Her other primary area of research is the health of the Mexican and Mexican-American populations on both sides of the international border. For the past decade, she has also been working with Tibetan scholars to improve maternal and child health services in the Tibetan region of China.

Anne has trained many demographers at Princeton and UCLA, teaching courses in population change, population policy, international health policy, social science approaches to public health, and social demography. She has been an outstanding teacher and committed mentor to a large number of students and postdoctoral fellows at both institutions, helping to launch their careers in the demographic profession.

She has supported the profession of demography in many ways, serving on numerous boards, committees, and grant review panels. For example, she has been a very active colleague in the PAA, holding a wide range of positions, including president, vice president, and member of the development, nominating, executive and finance committees as well as various prize committees. And, for the past decade, she has served as a trustee for the Population Council.

As is obvious to anyone who has worked with Anne, she is an exceedingly generous colleague. In all of her positions, she has made herself available to students and colleagues, providing valuable advice and frequently taking on additional tasks for the common good. She is a true team player.

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