Fate of ACS Ancestry Question at Stake: Respond by April 7

By PAA Web posted 04-03-2023 11:11 AM


Person carries messenger Census Bureau bag

The Census Bureau currently has an open request for comments regarding potential changes to the American Community Survey (ACS). While most of the proposed changes are not controversial, a provision in the notice suggests that the future of survey’s ancestry question may be uncertain. Specifically, the announcement states:

 The addition of White and Black or African American write-in lines in the race question led the Census Bureau to research redundancies between data collected from the improved race question and the ancestry question. Findings from this research may lead the Census Bureau to recommend the removal of the ancestry question from the American Community Survey.”

PAA members are encouraged to consider submitting comments to urge the Census Bureau to engage with data users and members of the Census Scientific Advisory Committee and National Advisory Committee before making a consequential decision to remove the ancestry question from the ACS.

Comments are due April 7, 2023.