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Tips and Examples for College Essay on Solving A Problem

There are few prompts which are very common for college application essays and solving a problem is one of them. This prompt asks the students to explore the problem they have solved or would like to solve. Here we have presented some strategies to write an essay on solving a problem.

Quick Tips

  • You have many options. The problem you have identified could be local, national, or global.
  • Maybe you don't have a solution to the problem. It's fine. You can show your interest in a challenging and unresolved issue.
  • Don't spend much time describing a problem. Focus on discussing and analyzing.
  • You have an option to work with a group to solve a problem. Colleges love collaboration or teamwork.

Although this essay prompt is not as common as the personal growth and essay writer of your choice prompt, still it has the potential to lead to a perfect essay that reveals your critical thinking skills, curiosity and passion.

We all encounter a problem and deal with them or would like to see solved, so this prompt will be a viable option for a wide range of applicants. But, like all of the other college essay prompts, this prompt also has its challenges, critical thinking and self-analysis are two of them. The below-given strategies to break down a prompt will help you set your response on the right track.

Choose a Problem

The first step is to choose a problem that you have solved or would like to solve. A problem for which you have come up with a solution or wanted to give a solution in the future.

It can be a small problem or a huge problem, the scale does not matter. It can be a research query, an intellectual challenge or an ethical dilemma. You see, you have a lot of leeways to define your problem.

As you have a lot of leeways, think broadly while essay helper this prompt. Some options are given below:

Community Issues

  • Is hunger or poverty an issue in your area?
  • Do kids need a safe place to play?
  • Is there any electricity issue in your area?
  • Are there any public transportation issues?

Design Challenges

  • Did you design a product or do you want to design a product to make life easier for people?
  • Did you change or want to change the design of a product to make it more efficient.

A Personal Problem

  • Have you ever encountered a problem that prevented you from achieving your motives?
  • Did you solve (or wanted to solve) a problem that was a hurdle between you and your goals? i.e. laziness, hubris, insecurity, anxiety. All of these problems could be addressed.

A Problem in Your High School

  • Have you ever gotten bullied or seen someone experience bullying? How did you essay help to deal with that situation?
  • Does your school have a problem with cheating, drugs, cliques, underage drinking or some other issues?

A Personal Ethical Dilemma

  • Have you had to decide whether to do what is easy and what is right?
  • Have you had to choose between being honest and supporting your friends?
  • Have you ever found yourself in a lose-lose situation?

A Health Problem

There is no shortage of health problems that you could address in this prompt whether it is global, national, local, familial or personal.  

A Global Problem

  • Have you ever proposed a solution for global warming or wanted to offer a solution?
  • What solution do you propose for habitat destruction?
  • What suggestion can you give to control the population?

The above list gives a few possible options for solving a problem essaywriter prompt. There is no limit, you have a lot of leeways so think big and get some unique and interesting problems to describe.

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