Annual Awards

Clifford C. Clogg Award for Mid-Career Achievement

Established in 1995, this biennial award originally honored innovative contributions to the design, collection, modeling, or analysis of population survey or census data. Beginning with the 2000 award, the terms were modified to recognize early career achievement in population studies and demography, broadly defined. It honors outstanding innovative scholarly achievements of population professionals who have attained their highest professional degree within the previous 10-20 years. The award is sponsored by PAA in association with the Population Research Institute of the Pennsylvania State University, and commemorates the memory and creative contributions of Clifford C. Clogg to the field of quantitative methods and labor force demography.

Dr. Clogg made important contributions to census and survey design and data collection systems through his work with National Academy of Science panels, PAA committees, and the U.S. Census Bureau. His scholarship included work on the analysis of rates, standardization methods, latent structure analysis, and the modeling of categorical data. Through his teaching at Penn State and numerous workshops worldwide, he left a legacy as a mentor to the disciplines of population studies and statistics. The recipient need not be a PAA member and can be honored for distinguished work in the United States or in other developed or developing nations. 

Nominations Closed

The next Clogg Award will be given in 2026. Nominations will open in Fall 2025. 

2024 Clifford C. Clogg Award Winner

Jenna Nobles, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Past Award Recipients

  • 2022: Jennifer Dowd
  • 2020: Jason Boardman & Melinda Mills
  • 2018: Susan L. Brown
  • 2016: Jennifer Van Hook
  • 2014: Kyle David Crowder
  • 2012: Francesco Candeloro Billari
  • 2010: Robert A. Hummer
  • 2008: Yu Xie
  • 2006: Hans-Peter Kohler
  • 2004: Kathleen Mullan Harris
  • 2002: Susan Greenhalgh, Herbert L. Smith
  • 2000: Ian Diamond
  • 1998: Douglas S. Massey, Adrian S. Raftery
  • 1996: Michael Hout