Annual Awards

The Harriet B. Presser Award

Harriet B. Presser was a sociologist, demographer and a distinguished professor at the University of Maryland, College Park department of sociology. She founded the first population center in the world, named “The University of Maryland Center on Population, Gender and Social Inequality,” and directed it from 1987 to 2002.

This biennial award was first presented at the 2009 PAA annual meeting. The award honors a record of sustained research contributions to the study of gender and demography and consists of a plaque and a cash prize. 

The members of the 2021 committee are: Frances K. Goldscheider, University of Maryland (Chair); Kyle David Crowder, University of Washington; Jennifer Glass, University of Texas at Austin; Kei Nomaguci, Bowling Green State University; Dawn Upchurch, University of California-Los Angeles; Mark VanLandingham, Tulane University; Sara Yeatman, University of Colorado Denver.

2021 Harriet B. Presser Award Winner

Diana Greene Foster, University of California San Francisco

Past Award Recipients

  • 2019: Jennifer Glass
  • 2017: Frances Goldscheider
  • 2015: Paula England
  • 2013: Ruth Dixon-Mueller
  • 2011: Karen Oppenheim Mason
  • 2009: Valerie K. Oppenheimer