Annual Awards

The Mindel C. Sheps Award

Jointly sponsored by PAA and the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, this award is given biennially for outstanding contributions to mathematical demography or demographic methodology. Individuals may be nominated on the basis of important contributions to knowledge either in the form of a single piece of work or a continuing record of high accomplishment. Nominees should exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct.

The award consists of a cash prize and a certificate. 

Nominations Now Open

Nominations should include a description of the candidate’s contributions and a copy of the nominee’s vita. Nominations can be submitted in PDF format via email to by January 31, 2022. The Mindel C. Sheps Award Committee selects the recipient of the award.

The award committee includes: Carl Schmertmann, Florida State University (Chair), Andrei Rogers, University of Colorado-Boulder, and James Smith, RAND Corporation.

2020 Mindel C. Sheps Award Winner

Frans WillekensAward Presentation

Past Award Recipients

  • 2020: Frans Willekens
  • 2018: Andrei Rogers
  • 2016: Wolfgang Lutz
  • 2014: Hal Caswell
  • 2012: Anatoliy I. Yashin
  • 2010: Kenneth H. Hill
  • 2008: James W. Vaupel
  • 2006: Samuel H. Preston
  • 2004: Robert Schoen
  • 2002: Robert J. Willis
  • 2000: Robert A. Pollak
  • 1998: Leslie Kish
  • 1996: Shripad Tuljapurkar
  • 1994: Burton Singer
  • 1992: Joel E. Cohen
  • 1990: Kenneth Manton
  • 1988: Kenneth Wachter
  • 1986: John Bongaarts
  • 1984: Ronald Demos Lee
  • 1982: Jane Menken
  • 1980: Robert J. Potter, Jr.
  • 1978: William Brass
  • 1976: Nathan Keyfitz
  • 1974: Ansley J. Coale